The different patterns and textures of wood are so intriguing, as though abstract art has touched a living thing.  Working with wood is a delight to the senses, the feel, the smells, the sound of a plane or chisel on birch, or oak or pine – it’s so easy to get lost in your senses while crafting a piece for someone you may never meet.

Don once said: “I’m so excited about the piece I’m turning out, that the hours fly by quickly.  It’s good therapy for anyone and to relieve my working tensions.”   The craft is so much like art, it becomes an extension of self.  There is a famous quote like that:

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; 
a man who works with his hands
and his brain is a 
craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and 
his brain
and his heart is an artist.”  
Louis Mizer

So you’ll probably glance around this website and marvel at the intricacy and finesse in our various products.  But don’t overlook the concept that we’ve adapted the essence of a once living thing, added our passion and artistry, and you’ll bring those elements of transformation and dedication to share into your home.